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The intimate health of a man is directly dependent on many factors. Frequent stress, taking antibiotics and other powerful medications, poor nutrition, bad habits and other factors directly affect the work of the sexual sphere. In particular, on the potency. Problems in this area are expressed in a decrease in erection, short sexual intercourse, lack of libido. Solve the situation maral Gel-a unique tool based on maral root extract.

What does male potency depend on?

Проблемы с потенцией

The sexual sphere, like any other system of the body, is directly influenced by external and internal factors. Everything is important – how old you are, how you eat. Even the number of acts, the presence of certain diseases, especially in the chronic stage, are important for its normal operation.

Potency may decrease due to such factors:

  1. Stresses. This is the most frequent companion of modern man. Problems at work or in the family, emotional fluctuations, lack of good rest lead to burnout, General exhaustion, fatigue and weakness. Against this background, the problems begin in the intimate life.
  2. Bad habits and poor nutrition. Lack of important micro -, macronutrients, vitamins, alcohol abuse, Smoking cause an imbalance in the body, disrupt the background of hormones, which is extremely important for the ability to have sex.
  3. Age. It is no secret that men over 50-60 years old do not often have intimacy as much as younger ones. Aging of tissues, violation of vascular functions in the pelvic organs, decreased libido due to lack of testosterone – the main reasons for this condition.
  4. Diseases. Especially dangerous for this area are pathologies that are transmitted sexually (STDs). But the potency is badly affected by diabetes, hypertension, problems with the thyroid.      

But there is a solution to the problem. Natural maral Gel is a worthy alternative to operations, training, temporary erection stimulators and other unsafe methods.

Maral Gel-men’s intimate tool

Марал Гель достоинства

Maral Gel is an innovative product that was developed specifically for men who are dissatisfied with their intimate life. It contains 100% natural ingredients based on maral root extract – a powerful aphrodisiac and potency regulator that does not affect the heart and blood pressure.

The tool affects all aspects of sexual life. It helps to maximize the duration of sexual intercourse, get a lot of new sensations from orgasm and increase their frequency. It has a good effect on reproductive functions. Increases the chances of older men to conceive healthy offspring, improves blood flow to the external genitals. Due to this, it creates a persistent erection.

In addition, since the Gel contains substances aphrodisiacs, which increase libido and powerfully raise libido. These components in the complex contribute to the growth of the cavernous bodies of the penis and increase the size and diameter of the organ. At the same time, the result is fixed for many years. One course is enough to return to an active sexual life, not to experience complexes, fears and always stay on top.


Марал Гель состав

Maral Gel does not include chemicals, synthetic components and other harmful substances. As a part:

  1. Maral root extract. It has a rich natural composition. It includes gum, alkaloids, vitamins A, C, esters, copper, phosphorus, flavonoids, phytohormones and organic acids. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It dilutes the blood, expands the lumen of narrowed vessels, thereby providing powerful blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Inulin in the composition helps to keep blood sugar levels under control and prevent the development of diabetes. This plant restores strength. It stimulates endurance, performance, strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of diseases, and has a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system. It is widely used in urology. It serves as a reliable protection against prostatitis, adenoma, cystitis, urethritis and other male diseases, to raise potency, especially in older age.
  2. Succinic acid. A natural product that is produced in the cells of plants and animals. It serves as a powerful regulator of energy metabolism in tissues and cells of the human body. Especially necessary for strong mental and physical exertion. Accelerates recovery. It has antihypoxant properties, that is, it reduces the risk of oxygen starvation, fights with fading, tones up, and stimulates the immune system. The antitoxic effect of this substance allows you to clear the accumulation of poisons and toxins. Works as an aphrodisiac. It increases the production of special hormones and the transmission of nerve impulses that enter the brain when aroused.

Maral Gel is supplemented with other natural components that work synergistically in the complex, showing the maximum effect and pronounced therapeutic effect.

Instruction for use

Maral Gel is optimally used by the course to consolidate the result and achieve a stable increase in potency. Application scheme:

  1. Wash and dry the skin of the penis. After that, RUB a small amount of gel on the entire surface, starting from the head and along the length. It has a light water base, pleasantly cooling consistency, quickly absorbs without traces, does not stain underwear and clothing. Does not require flushing.
  2. Repeat the procedure at least 2 times a day for 3-4 weeks. During this time, you can improve the quality of your intimate life and increase the penis in volume and length.

Maral Gel is convenient to use, has a light unobtrusive aroma, an airy consistency, so it is suitable for use as a lubricant. In this case, apply it 5-10 minutes before the start of the act.

Maral Gel pharmacokinetics

Марал Гель действие

Maral Gel can be used in two different ways. It is optimal to use it as a course tool for restoring potency and increasing the size of the penis. In this case, it works as a stimulant. Quickly increases microcirculation, restores elasticity and elasticity of vascular walls. Thanks to this, it fills the tissues of the penis with blood, preserves the effect, and heals the entire urogenital system.

With a single use, it is suitable as a lubricant: it facilitates sliding, eliminates dryness of the skin and mucous membranes of the partner. Gives you a new feeling. Thanks to its pleasant smell and light texture, it increases the frequency of orgasms and prolongs intimacy as much as possible, increases attraction due to natural aphrodisiacs.

Maral Gel is a natural male remedy. Its use will not cause health problems – unlike pharmaceutical analogues, it is used only externally, does not have a systemic effect. Keeps your blood pressure level. In addition, it does not increase the heart rate, so it is as safe as possible for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.


Individual intolerance to the gel composition, as well as:

  • children’s age;
  • Allergy to components

Indications for use

The gel can be used in such cases:

  • unstable sluggish erection;
  • problems with orgasm;
  • short intercourse;
  • lack of libido;
  • impaired reproductive function;
  • insufficient penis size.

Side effect

At the moment, no side effects have been detected.

Special conditions

Possible impact on driving skills. For the period of the course it is recommended not to drive.

Марал Гель купить

Advantages and analogues

Pharmacies today offer a lot of products intended for men, among which you can find both completely natural and synthetic products. The most popular analogues of maral Gel:

  • Rasputin;
  • Dominator;
  • XXL Power Life.

Maral Gel differs from them by 100% natural composition, in which the concentration of active substances is optimally selected, there are no side effects and contraindications. Its plus:

  • strengthening erection, restoring reproductive function and libido, strengthening all aspects of a good sexual life;
  • active blood supply to the penis and up to 35% of the length;
  • eliminating dry mucous membranes, increasing the brightness of orgasm, prolonging proximity ;
  • new sensations for both partners; lack of adverse reactions;
  • easy consistency and convenient application;
  • the possibility of using as a lubricant.

    The drug acts on the problem only locally, without giving a systemic effect on the body. This is as safe as possible for men of any age and health status. In addition, it is compatible with alcohol, does not reduce the healing effect.

    Where to buy maral Gel?

    Maral Gel can be easily purchased on our website by sending a completed application form online. We guarantee complete anonymity of your order. The product will be delivered without prepayment, you can choose any post office across the country or courier service. Get a free consultation by phone.

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